Global Christian Chaplains -  "FOR A HEALING TRUST"
        In  December 2012, I was asked to make a call on a gentleman by the name of Delbert Landis. Chaplain Darrel Lavender and I found Delbert in good cheer even though he had been ill; his mind was sharp and wanted to know what a man of his age (96) could do to serve our Lord Jesus. During our visit a decision was made to ask if he would like to be one of Global Christian Chaplains honorary chaplains. Delbert said “yes”, and we prayed with him that God would continue to use him were he was. Over the next several months as we when back to visit we found Delbert with his bible open to the book of John studying so he could teach the CMA, CNA and others in the facilities he was in. We found Delbert to be a man after God's own heart and to serve the Lord all of his life.
Thank the Lord for the impacted you had on my life and others,
Chaplain Mike Berry, Global Christian Chaplains
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